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>> the gang rape case in india goes to court. some question whether the accused will get a fair trial.
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this is al jazeera, life or our headquarters in delhi. dos live from our headquarters -- live from our headquarters in county. -- delhi. the bushfires in the australia -- in australia. the prime minister warns the crisis is far from over. five men accused of gang raping and killing an indian medical student have formally been charged in the delhi -- in delhi. a sixth accused, under 18, will be tried in a juvenile court. , the five accused were brought to court under very tight security -- >> the five accused were brought to court under very tight security.
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the case is receiving quite a lot of interest. they have been presented to the magistrate and have their charges read out against them, which include rape, murder, unnatural offenses, kidnapping, and robbery, amongst others. two lawyers offered to represent them. the lawyer we spoke to said he would want to represent them. he says he would do it because he believes they deserve a fair trial. jama they are not convicts until it is proven so in a court of law -- >> they are not convicts until it is proven so in a court of law. i know the whole country has branded them as criminals and the evidence is against them, but the family members of the accused personally asked me. that is why i am taking up this case. >> from here, they will go back to their jail cells. if they do not have a lawyer,
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one will be appointed to them. there is a sixth accused, believed to be a juvenile. >> there are protests in neighboring napalm -- nepal. hundreds of people gathered for a tense day outside of the capital -- the prime minister's residence. protesters say the police and judiciary often failed to arrest and prosecut -- fail to arrest and prosecute rapists. military leaders had given assurances that they want a peace deal with the independence army. the united nations and the -- they are deeply troubled by reports of new airstrikes in the area. , we spoke to a representative -- >> we spoke to a representative of the independent army who said he
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could hear and see two fighter jets from the myanmar army flying overhead. he said they had attacked a kia outpost. this is an area which is similar to the area that was attacked by myanmar helicopters and fighter jets last week. there was a confusing situation last week when the myanmar government appeared to initially deny those airstrikes had taken place. a couple of days later, they admitted they did happen, but they happened in self-defense. the use of air power against the rebels is certainly an escalation in what has been a very long-running war. >> dozens of protesters are gathered outside the headquarters of one of china's most liberal newspapers. they are calling for the resignation of the provincial propaganda chief. the protest began after they
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replaced a new years letter to readers -- new year's letter to readers. isgle's executive chairman in north korea in what is being called a humanitarian visit. eric schmidt is part of a delegation led by former new mexico state governor bill richardson. richardson -- >> it is a private, humanitarian mission. we are going to make an assessment of the north korean economic and political situation. we are also going to look at the humanitarian status of the korean people. but also, there is an american that is detained there -- a korean-american. we are going to inquire on his status, see if we can see him. possibly lay the groundwork for him coming home. , florence looi -- >> florence
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looi has been following this story. >> they are going to visit universities. beyond that, he was not too sure what the schedule would be because that is being set by north korean officials. he expects to lay the groundwork for securing the .elease of kenneth dabae he certainly has experience when it comes to dealing with north korean officials. he has visited the country more than six times in the last 20 years and has participated in talks ranging from food aid to securing the release of the remains of american soldiers who died are in the korean war. he is being accompanied two executives from google. the executive chairman, eric schmidt, and the director of google ideas. both men have written a book was -- that is due to be released in april about how
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internet can help shape a society. it is interesting this week -- this trip comes just a week after north korean leader kim john delivered his new year address -- kim jong-un delivered his new year address. >> bahrain's highest court has upheld the sentences for 13 opposition leaders. the activists cannot appeal the decisions. they were convicted for their actions during the 2011 uprising. she has continued to press -- shias continued to protest against the sunni-led government. government.eedled police reportedly arrested 20 people, including a former mp. the free syrian army says it has
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formed a special units to secure the country's chemical weapons. they are confident the assad government will fall. they are ready to see the conflict to the end, despite limited military resources. we have the story from turkey. ♪ >> these are rebel fighters pushing to break government lines and sees strategic army bases in northern syria --sei seize strategic army bases in syria.rther iofof is it a top military commander of the rebel forces -- this is a top military commander of the rebel forces. >> the main reason behind our slow progress and the stalemates on the front line is the lack of ammunition. we badly need tactical weapons.
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we are dealing with a regime that bonds civilians and villages -- that bombs civilians and villages. >> the rebels have repeatedly asked for antiaircraft weapons to neutralize government forces air superiority. a demand rejected by the americans, who fear those weapons might fall into the hands of groups like this, which was recently designated by the u. s. government as a terrorist -- u.s. government as a terrorist organization. the fight to take over this military base is planned and led by these men. they are widely seen as organized fighters. >> the situation of the fighters here is very good. we seek guidance from god, and we are determined to keep -- continue our fight until
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victory. our units are solid, and we remain united. >> many military commanders agree groups like this -- these remain instrumental in any effort to tilt the military balance in the rebels' favor. raising fears among western powers about the syrian army's stockpile of chemical weapons if violence continues for a longer period. >> we had issued orders to special units to monitor the sites of the chemical weapons. they provide us with intelligence on any movement at those sites. as soon as the regime falls, we have units tasked with securing those stockpiles. >> the syrian free army is unable to reverse the betty -- the syrian army is unable to reverse the study progress of the rebels.
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the rebels say they are receiving less and less military support from their main backers. they are worried that might force them to negotiate a political deal with president bashar al-assad, an option that they categorically reject. >> people in the south of australia are bracing themselves for more brushfires. andrew thomases in dunalley, on the island of tasmania, where buildings have burned to the ground. , -- >> this woman has taught here for 14 years. she finds it hard now to even work out where her classroom was. in the it is a beautiful school -- >> it is a beautiful school. the community is so involved. , you are talking about it in the present tense, but it is gone -- >> you are talking about
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it in the present tense, but it is on. -- gone. the danger has not entirely past. there is the mundane -- main roads remained closed, thousands still without power or water. later in the day, it was the prime minister who visited the primary school. summer wildfires are as australian as beach barbecues. millions around the country know this could as easily happen to their communities. >> the rest of the nation has its eyes on tasmania. they are thinking about the losses here and will be supporting tasmanians through. >> for now, that is true, but australians' focus may shift as the weather does.
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the extreme heat has not gone, it is just moving north. new south wales is next in its path. >> still to come on al jazeera -- we look at relations between the church and the state. and trouble in the garden of eden has farmers in him ran -- -- iran -- >> hello, again. the weather is rather changeable across europe. we can see plenty of clouds marching their way across the u. k. -- u.k. the system is going to try to edge a little further in tuesday. making its way into the far southwestern parts of the iberian peninsula. for most of us, it should be
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fine and settled once more. madrid will get to around 11 degrees. more unsettled weather marching its way across europe, particularly the southeast. that is where we have seen some of the most for roche is whether to the tail end of that is -- most ferocious weather. the tail end of that is scraping through. 61 in fahrenheit. further east, here are the clouds working their way up to the eastern coast of the mediterranean. strong winds with this as well. towards the east, it is fine and dry. we are likely to see a fair amount of snow
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thursday at 9 p.m. eastern, 6 p.m. pacific, only on link tv. , the top stories on al jazeera this hour -- five men have been formally charged with the gang rape and murder of a medical student in india. they face the death penalty if convicted. two lawyers say they are willing to represent the accused. myanmar's military has reportedly executed airstrikes against rebels in the north. the state department says they are deeply troubled by the reports. the australian state of new south wales is preparing for one of its worst bushfires in years
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. several southern states are experiencing extremely dry and hot conditions. more now on our top story. protests and vigils continue over the gang rape of a student. many people are calling for tougher laws to deal with cases of sexual assault. the father of the victim has denied he -- he was quoted as saying he should only be revealed as -- if a new anti-rape law is named after her. a total revamp of the police force and judiciary is needed. >> i would like to prioritize police reform and judicial reform. [indiscernible]if our police
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force remains as incompetent and corrupt and dysfunctional as it is, and our courts continue to drag even ordinary cases for decades. even these extraordinary cases, including crimes related to terrorism. the courts let them drag on for decades on end. the judicial system, which is incapable of the caving -- delivering sure and speedy justice, should not be trusted with death penalty or even more to her kony and laws that some people are demanding. -- more draconian laws that some people are demanding. >> it has been 10 years since the government introduced free primary education, but that has not solved all the problems. the un says more than one million children between six and 18 are still not in school. 30% of those live in slums.
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even those who do get to school do not always learn more than one/-- 1/4 of what they are supposed to learn. it is estimated kenyon needs 60,000 more staff. >> i am here at olympic primary school in one of the world are just slums. many of the parents of these children are casual laborers, earning just a few dollars per day. primary education is supposed to be free for all. parents have to pay for uniforms, textbooks, pencils, paper. let me take you into one of the classrooms. there are more than 3000 children here, but only 28 teachers. that is why the kids here are waiting to be taught. there is no teacher here to teach them.
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.> the government doesn't help we have to pay very high taxes. when you want your kid admitted to school, you have to pay a price. >> as a mother, i choose to bring my son to the free government school because it is good, because the children love everyone. i don't have any complaints. >> free primary school education is one of the most important legacies of the resident -- presidents. about 10 million children have enrolled in the past decade. it has -- in 2011, the government admitted millions of dollars of worth of funds that were supposed to go to this initiative had gone missing and around one million children have not been able to enroll in school, partly because kids have had to come out of work to
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be able to help their families. the poorest and most vulnerable children -- for the poorest and most vulnerable children, education is still out of reach. >> every year, he gets harder for a rack -- it gets harder for iraq's farmers to produce their crops. we have more on this story. the, trouble in the garden of eden -- >> trouble in the garden of eden. this was the fertile crescent, the land between the tigris and euphrates rivers. food was so plentiful that people 5000 years ago were able to settle down here and build the first city. many believe this was the location of the garden of eden. >> there were date palms, rice, fish, papyrus, birds.
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there were all kinds of animals. what more could you want? >> 5000 years later, this family is carrying on part of that tradition. near the euphrates river, he raises water buffalo and candle -- cattle. there are bees for honey. 60 different kinds of dates grow in his orchards. but there is not enough water anymore for the nomadic rice his family grew -- aromatic rice his family grew for generations. orchards like this are disappearing. iraq loses huge amounts of agricultural land every year. our land turns to desert. when people cannot farm anymore, they migrate to overcrowded cities. 50,000 families are living in poverty after abandoning their farms. the government is trying to reclaim some of that land. here, the province of basra has
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planted thousands of eucalyptus trees to anchor the soil. farmland is increasingly competing with the oil industry and losing. >> the ministry of oil objects to trying to allocate land for agricultural use. >> another government project tries to encourage farmers not to abandon the land. without a major effort to restore the soil, many worry that farming could die out in the land where it was born. >> u.s. president barack obama is expected to put forward former republican senator chuck hagel as his next defense secretary. his nomination is concerning politicians on both sides. here is why -- during the iraq war, he said there was no
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strategy and called it a game of ping-pong. on a run, he has said the us -- on iran, he has said the u.s. should not be able to dictate which countries have nuclear weapons. we have been following this story. >> president obama arrived back , ready to get back to business. he is looking for a bipartisan pick. republicans would have none of susan rice because of the way she handled the benghazi situation. president obama is saying, i'm putting up chuck hagel, and i'm not withdrawing his name. republicans, if you wish to vote against him in the confirmation hearings, then that is up to you. mitch mcconnell, the minority leader in the senate, says that
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when chuck hagel comes up for confirmation, assuming he is nominated, then he will be given tough, but fair questioning. >> u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is set to work in the coming hours after being treated for a blood clot in her head. -- set to return to work in the coming hours after being treated for a blood clot in her head. what world banks are being allowed more flexibility with the financial safety buffers they used to protect themselves in a crisis. it means they will have more assets which are easier to turn into cash if they run into trouble, and that will cut down the risks to investors savings -- investor savings. the committee on banking supervision has relaxed the rules on the types of assets banks can hold to reduce financial shocks. the new standards will take full effect by 2019.
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the director of the financial regulation at the cato institute, the think tank in washington, says the new rules could improve banks' safety mechanisms. >> liquid is in -- liquidism is in the eye of the beholder. in the united states, mortgage- backed securities are what got us into trouble. in the au, sovereign debt is what got the -- in the eu, sovereign debt is what got the eu into trouble. the new rules expand to go beyond sovereign debt, beyond mortgage-backed securities. i think there is a real trade- off here. many of these things will not be liquid when push comes to shove. on the other hand, if you have a very narrow set of liquid assets, if those assets get in
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trouble, as we learned with the euro crisis, then you have something that is a shock that would not be systemic become systemic and threaten the entire system. the only thing that is truly liquid is cash. the vast majority of us banks today -- u.s. banks today and european banks would already be compliant with these rules. i would go as far as to say that bear stearns would have in compliance with these rules, for instance. , what about taking a chance on the lottery? it has paid off for a couple of people in spain. winning ticket holders have seized more than $1 billion in the national lottery. they have been celebrating their luck. the top ticket was around $260,000. new austerity measures mean they will pay 20% income tax on their winnings. >> great, great, now i'm fine.
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i was very nervous a while ago, but now i finally believe it. , i have three sons and they are unemployed, so i will help them. this will make me happy, to be able to help my dearest ones. >> i'm very excited because i really needed this. now that i have one, i am very lucky. , orthodox christians are celebrating christmas. they gathered in bethlehem, the palestinian town believed to be the birthplace of jesus christ. hundreds of pilgrims walked to the church of the nativity, the oldest operating christian church in the world. thousands of worshipers gathered in russia's main cathedral for midnight mass. last year, the opposition criticize the church for being too close to the state. the patriarch of the russian orthodox church -- , inside moscow's glittering

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